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Order form for Country Dance Recordings and Let's Sing, Songs for Primary Schools


Print off this order form using the print option from the pull down file menu.
Send the completed order form together with cheque payable to "Heritage Dance Recordings" or Requistion to Heritage Dance Recordings, 270 The Ridgeway, St. Albans, Herts AL4 9XQ

  Title Medium  
  Country Dance Favourites @ 14.95 CD Cassette  
  Country Dance Favourites Volume 2 @ 14.95 CD     Cassette
  Country Dance Party @ 19.95 CD
  Line Dancing @ 14.95 CD
  Let's Sing @ 14.95 CD     Cassette
  Let's Sing 2 @ 14.95 CD     Cassette
  Let's Sing at Christmas @ 14.95 CD    Cassette

Please make Cheques Payable to "Heritage Dance Recordings" or enclose Requistion.


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